September 28, 2014

My 3 Sisters

It's been a hectic 2 months here at the Enchanted Castle, with the recent launch of my Craftsy class plus a sweet teaching assignment in the Caribbean just before Christmas. What do they want down south, you may ask? Swimwear lessons! I will be teaching swimwear in Barbados. Now that is good timing! I used to get calls to go teach in Edmonton in February and Hawaii in July.

Not that I am complaining about Hawaii (Never!) but the two venues should have been switched around - Edmonton in July and Hawaii in February. But I digress....

I teach several different types of swimwear but I have had a special request to do bikinis. Erin and I have been working very hard to test these suits to make them fit and flatter. So without further ado, here is the latest Pin-up Girls pattern - the 3 sisters Bikinis. Drum roll, please! 

There are 3 underwired bra tops  with a unique criss-cross back that allows the bikini top to fit multiple bra cup sizes. The inside layer is made of swim cup foam and the outer cover can be whatever swimwear fabric your heart desires! The straps have the elastic sewn inside directly to the seam for the best straps you've ever experienced (yes, the instructions are included!) The bikini bra tops all use our SHORT wires, and the pattern fits breasts measuring from 6.5" - 9.5" (16.5 - 24 cm) directly across the fullest part (called the Cross Cup measurement)

There are also three centre back seam bottoms with a beautiful fit over the bum. All views have a waist high cut with doubled fabric waistband ( no elastic so no muffin top!) plus a centre back seam for shapely results. The bottoms fit hip sizes 35-47" (89 - 119.5 cm) All sizes and complete instructions are included in the pattern envelope.

VIOLET- vertical seamed bra top and bottoms with button trim at the waist 
REBECCA - uses a tie to gather the front of the top, bottoms have a ruched front panel 
MARSHA - with a twisted knot effect and bottoms with mini twists at the side front

Yes, there really are three sisters in our bra-making family and we named these bikinis after them! The product code is PB-3009. The bi-lingual patterns (French and English) patterns are available now at Bra-makers Supply at and in Europe through Bodil's Wear at If you are in the United States, they will soon be available at Sweet Cups Bra Supply at

Aren't confident of your sewing abilities when it comes to swimwear? Why not take a swimwear class and learn to make swimwear the right way, with the right fit, the first time?

September 25, 2014

Nifty Notions - the Sewing Edge

Today I am borrowing a nifty notion from our quilting sisters - a great little gadget called the Sewing Edge. it is used by quilters to keep that 1/4" seam allowance. Well, guess what? Bra-makers can use it too!

The Sewing Edge is a simple piece of PVC (or some such plastic-y substance) that sticks to your sewing machine bed and keeps your seam allowances exact. Here we have it a lovely Bernina 830, but it works on new machines too! Place it along where the edge of the fabric will run and it will stick until you remove it. It's that simple!
 When you lay the fabric up to it, the thickness of the Sewing Edge keeps the fabric running smoothly but it is not so thick that it gets in the way or your hands or any snips that might be around.
One thing I thought of is to use it at the cover stitch machine to keep the hem edges where they need to be so you can stitch along the edge. If you use a cover hem, you know this isn't as easy as it may seem. You have to sew from the right side of the work, so you can't see where you need to stitch. The two needles need to straddle the raw edge of the fabric. By stitcking the Sewing Edge to the left of the needle the distance of the width of the hem, you will be able to glide the fabric along and it will keep them hem where it needs to be. Voila! A perfect cover stitched hem!

The Sewing Edge comes in a package of 5 so you can have one at each machine, or you can share them with your sewing buddies.

We sell them at Bra-makers Supply (of course we do - I love Nifty Notions!) Product Code NT-003...price is 10.00 for the set of 5.

September 23, 2014

Craftsy Class Launch

Exciting news! My Craftsy class on Sewing Bras - Construction & Fit has just launched today!
What an exciting time I had in Denver, Colorado for the filming. Craftsy set me up with the best crew ever - they are so professional! They made me look good (even though I have a face for radio, as I was once told!)
In the Craftsy class, I will teach you how to measure yourself for a bra using my high bust/full bust system. I'll tell you why measuring the rib cage is not recommended!

I'll show and explain all the different materials we use in bra-making
 How to sew it up, step-by-step with all the tips and tricks to make your bra  look professional quality
And, of course, I'll share the fitting tips and how to alter the pattern. I show my easy-to-understand pattern alterations. And as a bonus, there's a lesson on using and applying lace!
If you would like to enroll in my Craftsy class: Sewing Bras - Construction & Fit, here's a link to a 25% saving. Remember, at Craftsy, the classes never expire, so you can buy them on sale and watch them anytime! Craftsy class 25% off
Not sure what to buy to get started in the bra class? Bra-makers Supply is offering a Craftsy kit consisting of the Classic bra pattern (choose among 4 size ranges) and a bra kit with a choice of many colours, all with elastics to match. If your order the Craftsy kit from our website at and comment  with your size of wires, that pair is included FREE. Just comment with your size when you order a Craftsy kit. (Free wire offer ends December 31, 2014)

I am proud to say...

September 18, 2014

Craftsy Class Giveaway

Great news everyone! My Craftsy class " Sewing Bras - Construction & Fit" is scheduled to launch on Tuesday September 23rd! As a special promotion, we are giving away a class for FREE! Just click on the link below and you will automatically be entered in the contest.

A lucky winner will be chosen at random by Craftsy on Monday night. The lucky winner will be the first one to take the class!

If you aren't the winner - you can still sign up for the class. Remember - all Craftsy classes are yours forever - they never expire. You can watch the class on your home computer or on your tablet or device right at the sewing machine! Plus, all Craftsy classes come with a money back guarantee.

Class Giveaway Contest Entry

September 03, 2014

A New Pin-up Girl

Brand new in the Pin-up Girls line of patterns! The #2509 Ova-Bra Slimmer that you can wear over (ova) your own great fitting bra to smooth away those lumps and bumps and make your clothes fit and look fabulous.

Check out the options! Two body views - one hip length so you can tuck it in ...or the full body version that has a hook and eye closure at the front of the gusset area. Easy to get at bathroom needs!

Then you can choose either the lace cami version or the plain fabric version. With all the laces we have, that might be a tough decision in itself! The plain fabric version would be ideal under a wrap dress, so that when (and they always do) fall open, you won't be exposing yourself to the world. The solid fabric cami will hide your assets very nicely.

Lastly, but not leastly (is that even a word?) you have three different back options to choose from. The Y-back style on the left above is handy for those racer back tank tops or halter neck dresses (that still have a back). The scoop back in the centre is designed to come up higher on the back to control and hide that nasty back fat (which no one knew we had until Oprah pointed it out!). lastly on the right is a straight across back which is most like a bra back. 

All of the back options can be used on any of the front views or versions. Your choice!

We recommend using the Regular Power Net FP-1 for this shaper. It has the compression power you want for such as garment. Not to mention that it is available in 12 colours! We tested this our on many students and we have discovered that if you use the Satin Power Net FP-5 you will have to use one, sometimes 2 sizes smaller than your measurements indicate. That's because the Satin Power Net is not as firm and stretches more than the Regular Powe Net.

Sizing for this bodyshaper? Sizes A-J with hip size 35"-51" (89-130 cm) Available now at or in Europe from Bodil Friman at B'wear at

 In the United States, please see (but please give her time to get them in - this was only released September 1!)

Crystal - like catnip (sort of)

The new crystal collection has just arrived! Stunning pieces of Austrian cut crystal in really good designs, suitable for beachwear, clubwear, formal and cocktail dresses and bodybuilding competition wear. Does that last one surprise you? It shouldn't. Bodybuilding is big business and those ladies need to show some sparkle too!

Here's the newest crystal line-up. Solid Six Connector CJ-379 This is a solid piece that could easily be used on a piece of strap elastic . In fact, it was suggested that you could put 3 or 5 of these on a piece of strap elastic as hip trim, and the elastic would be able to stretch across the hip without hurting either the crystals or the elastic.
This is the 40 Crystal Collector CJ-400 - so named because there are 40 Austrian cut crystals on the front of this piece. Just slide the fabric tie or the strap through the slot on the back and you're done. Easy-peasey crystal trim.
Next is the Interlocking Diamonds CJ-440. Too many crystals here to count. There are 4 button shanks on the back for easy sewing wherever you need it. Can you see this on the front of a cocktail dress right at the bridge area? it is about 3" (75 mm) tall
Here's something in two sizes - the large CJ-550 for the sides of a bikini and the small CJ-545 for the front. The small one is 1" x 1.25" (25 mm x 32 mm)
 The larger one is 1.25" x 1.5" (32 x 37 mm)
You know I have to buy anything with Celtic Knotwork, don't you? Here it is - the Celtic Crystal CJ-609, just about 3" (75 mm) tall
Here is a crystal circle CJ-637. This would be very easy to use in a tie front dress. Each side would wrap over the plain area of the circle and stitch back to itself, leaving the crystal area to sparkle above and below the gather fabric.
Check out this bling for fitness competitions! Bodybuilding competitions have very strict rules about what can and can't be used on the outfits the ladies wear. This three-row hip bling CJ-654 is regulation length (6" or 15 cm) and has 54 crystals that would look amazing to connect the fronts and the backs of a suit together.
Finally, here's another hip trim but with more than 60 crystals in a swoop-dee-doo formation. (That's a work I just thought of!). When tension is on the first top row, the second and third row still swoop very nicely. It is CJ-660
All of these crystals and more are available at! Visit us today!

The Costco Connection

It's official! The article in the Costco Connection magazine about the Fairy Bra Mother is out. You can read all about it here or in the magazine which is sent to all Costco members. On page 64 (way at the But still...Costco Connections! 

Digital Fashion Show - Boob Camp August 2014

Another Boob Camp is over! But this one was unusual not because we had "only" two students, and not because they were from opposite ends of the country but because of the sheer VOLUME of work they turned out! In five days, they each produced a LOT of bras.

You've heard about "putting your nose to the grindstone" (wherever did that expression come from anyway?). These ladies really did exactly that.

Here is Julia's second bra (the first one is always a plain ol' white bra) She combined navy with burgundy lace in the Butterfly bra for this combo.

 And the back as pretty as the front
She cut the fabric from under the lace for a super-sexy look

Angela was no slouch either. Here is her first Shelley. Note the padded straps!
 And her second Shelley! I guess she liked the padded straps!
 Here's the back. That bit of lace really adds a nice touch!
Julia's next bra was all lace. It is a Shelley - hard to see the seaming detail but it is there.

The back is made from navy power net, which looks surprisingly good with the teal lace.

By now, Angela wanted to make a longline bra so that's what we did! She used cut and sew foam sheeting to make the cups and covered them with this animal print fabric. it is not quite finished yet but some of the bones are already in.
Julia wanted to work with cut and sew foam too. She made a foam bra and covered it with a wide lace. The lace decoration was only on the top and the wide plain section was wide enough for her to make the lower cup.
Even our teacher, Denise, got into the bra-making frame of mind. She covered a set of MH foam cups with Venice fabric and added this lace. Sort of an exterior power bar! She also made the front frame and the straps from the lace edging
All in all, I was very impressed with how much these two students got done. They just kept on sewing and sewing and sewing! Well done!