April 25, 2015

Digital Fashion Show - Corset Week

 Corset week ended yesterday and here is our line-up to show what the students achieved in their exciting week of sewing. We had an unusually small group, but such enthusiasm for corset making!

The started off the week by learning the theory of corset building - the sizing and what measurements to take to ensure the proper fit. They also learned how to alter the corset to reduce the waist dramatically - going from size Gorgeous, to size Va-va-voom!

After a trip to the fabric store two doors down from Bra-makers Supply, they started laying out their fabric. Ottawa Street is always a fun place to shop for corset fabrics - the choices are incredible!

The they started the construction phase - the first thing is always the busk. There are so many styles and metal finishes to choose from!

I think the scariest part of making a corset is the busk -  the toughest part is right at the beginning! Of course, they learned how easy it actually is! Shhh...don't tell anyone!

From the busk onward, it was smooth sailing. Even the binding was no big challenge to our seasoned sewists!

Eva was making corsets for her daughter but also makes costumes for a theater group - where corset makers are always in demand! She showed us a photo book of all the costumes she's made over the past 10 years, but until now she'd never made a corset. She used the antique bronze busk and grommets to accent this brick-red and deep jade corset.

Karin made this off-white corset with taupe-coloured ribbons over the bone lines. 

On to the underbust corset! Eva's second corset was an underbust version and this was the corset they could do some design work on. Eva chose some applique trim and applied crystals on hers.

Karin worked some colour blocking into her underbust corset. She also reduced the waist on this corset another 2" from the regular corset, bringing the total reduction of her waist down by 6" from its usual size.

Colour blocking makes a little of a precious fabric go a long way - that's important when you are in the business of making corsets for sale.

So that's our fashion show for this week! Stay tuned - as coming up next week is Swim Week and we have a full house, so there will be lots to show as the students "dive" into swimwear (bad pun...sorry, folks!)